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Regulatory challenges of Multi-Club Ownership (MCO) in Football

The world of football is not only a source of passion and entertainment for millions of fans worldwide but also a lucrative business where clubs fight for success on and off the pitch. In recent years, the phenomenon of MCO… MORE

Two different outcome of recent high-profile doping cases (Valieva and Halep)

Recently, two high-profile doping incidents, one involving figure skater Kamila Valieva, and the other involving tennis player Simona Halep, have reignited discussions about the legal consequences of the use of performance-enhancing substances. While both cases involve allegations of doping, a… MORE

Partial suspension of new FIFA Football Agent Regulations

On 30 December 2023, FIFA decided to suspend partially the new FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR) which came into force a few months ago on 1 October 2023.   Since their adoption, the FFAR have been under multiple legal attacks… MORE

CJEU Judgment on Football Super League (and on two other sports law cases)

On 21 December 2023, the CJEU issued a long-awaited judgment related to the “Super League”, a project announced in 2021 by top European football clubs aimed to rival UEFA competitions, namely the Champions League. The project has been heavily criticised… MORE

Nejvyšší soud rozhodl, že Rozhodčí řízení před Sborem rozhodců FAČR je jedním z „druhů“ rozhodčího řízení ve smyslu ZRŘ

Nejvyšší soud ČR vyhověl dovolání jednoho z členů Fotbalové asociace České republiky („FAČR“), a to ve sporu o vyslovení neplatnosti rozhodnutí Sboru rozhodců tohoto spolku. Žalobce, člen FAČR, se domáhal žalobou doručenou Sboru rozhodců FAČR, aby Sbor rozhodců uložil fotbalovému… MORE

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